2016 USA Division 1 USA Rugby National Tournament

Seattle Saracens take the 2016 USA Rugby Club Regionals Championship!

Dr. Darci Davis  is working and traveling with the Seattle Saracens.

The Seattle Saracens are a Division 1 rugby club. In season they play in the Canadian league. When season has ended the team will travel outside of Washington and Canada to compete against regional and national teams.

Dr. Darci is, one of two, local team doctors for the Saracens. She provides preventive services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries to this local rugby team.

The week of May 21-22nd, 2016, the Seattle Saracens traveled to Tuscon, Arizona to play against teams in the region to qualify for nationals. Dr. Darci traveled with them, to Arizona, to provide medical and training services for the team when needed.

The Saracens won the USA Club Regional Championship and are now off to Nationals in Colorado June 4, 2016. It was a great and exhausting weekend for all. The heat got to the players but they still powered through without any major injuries. Quite a few bumps, bruises and sprains. Even one player smacked heads with another girl on the opposing team and cut her skin above her eye. Dr. Darci patched her up and she went back in.

The week of June 4-5, 2016 the Seattle Saracens traveled to Glendale, Colorado to compete in the USA D1 National tournament. Dr. Darci traveled along with the team. They played the Chicago Northshore and defeated the team 36-19 under a very warm sunny day. Perfect weather conditions. The team was revved up and ready to go. What a game it was.

“The passion and heart, determination and will that these ladies possess is incredible.” Says Dr. Darci. “It is an honor to be working with these ladies and helping them any way I can. ”

Rugby is a very intense and oftentimes brutal sport. They hit hard and sometimes get hit harder only to get back up and keep going.



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