The Grinberg Method @ MIC

Anna Krimerman Barbara Droubay

Hello Seattle clients and friends!

Its finally time that we will be returning to Seattle to offer Grinberg Method sessions and a group workshop!

This time Anna Krimerman will be joining me!

I am so very excited to be returning and working again with you all, as well as many new people. This is the chance to pass the word around and invite those who you wish to also benefit from this learning! We have added two more days with the anticipation of a very full schedule.

As the calendar filled up very quickly last time, please let me know, as soon as you can, your wishes for sessions.

For those of you who have had work previously, we are offering what is called – Intensive Processes…(see below )- I highly recommend this format.

I look forward to seeing, and working with you all again!

With utmost pleasure and excitement,

Barbara Droubay

One to one session dates:

September 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th (Thursday-Sunday) and October 2nd, and 3rd. (Thursday and Friday)

Sessions will be given by Barbara Droubay and Anna Krimerman.

10:00 am – 8:00pm

Individual session price: $120.00, package sessions – 3 or more – $100.00 per session

One day Workshop: “Anger as an aspect of my will.“ given by Anna Krimerman.

October 4th – Saturday, 10:00am to 8:00pm, (with a two hour lunch break)

Workshop Price: $110.00

To schedule sessions and register for the workshop – please contact: Barbara Droubay –

About the Grinberg Method

Every event in our lives that we consider significant leaves an imprint on us – in our minds and in our bodies. These experiences and conclusions create a sort of script telling us who to be as well as how to act, think, or feel, which we rarely challenge or are even aware of. In our body, these beliefs and conclusions manifest themselves as tension, repetitive ways of breathing, moving, and other automatic and unconscious ways of being. All of this can lead to chronic pain and create a gap between who we truly are and what we express in our daily lives.

The Grinberg Method teaches you through the body to clearly identify the imprints that have become detrimental to you, and offers you tools to remove them, so that you have the chance to let the power of your will lead your life, rather than submit to the pull of your past experiences.

Working with the Grinberg Method

The Grinberg Method offers two types of learning possibilities in individual sessions: learning to change a behavioral pattern or achieve a desired goal through a “learning process”; or dealing with physical pain or a chronic condition in a “recovery process.

The learning includes clarification of your aims, various kinds of touch, as well as training in breathing, movement, and body attention. The training aims to give you practical tools to implement these changes into your life.

  • Learning Process
    The goal of the process could be to achieve a change in a repetitive and unwanted experience, such as tension, anxiety, boredom, or loneliness, among others; or to affect a particular type of behavior – such as indecisiveness, difficulties with concentration and focusing, or shyness. The aim could also be the completion of a project, the development of a talent, changing who you are in a specific relationship, and more.
    In its largest context, a Grinberg Method process aims to teach you the possibility to be well and how to use your body and mind attention to affect your state of being – no matter the situation.
  • Recovery Process
    A recovery process would be a good fit for you if you experience acute physical symptoms that noticeably alter your life, or if you suffer from one or more severe recurring conditions. Possible conditions for a recovery process are: injuries from accidents, before or after surgeries, after a physical trauma, scars that did not recover well, inflammations of joints, chronic pain and tension, including severe menstruation pain, lower back pain, headaches and others, such as office related chronic symptoms in the neck, head, and shoulders.
    Our bodies know what to do when pain and injury occur. Grinberg Method sessions teach how to stop interfering with this natural healing process and create the optimal conditions for the body to recover its natural health.

What do we offer in Seattle?

At the moment the Grinberg Method is not offered regularly in Seattle. At the same time, it is our wish that Seattle-ites receive as many of the benefits of this method as possible, so our intention is to establish a sense of continuity and to travel more regularly to Seattle.

  • One-on-one Sessions
    As we are here for a limited time, we will work in an intensive format, offering short learning or recovery processes over the time available.
    There is the possibility to book a single session, which can stand by itself as a powerful experience. But since the Grinberg Method is a teaching method, we recommend strongly – as the focus is to learn and to establish a change – to schedule from 3 to 8 sessions within this time frame.
  • Intensive Process: One effective option is to dedicate 3 to 4 days to receiving two sessions per day, carving out a space where “daily noise” doesn’t get in the way and your aim can be in the forefront. If you suffer from severe symptoms, or wish to deepen intensively your learning, this format can be particularly efficient. In each session you accumulate energy and because of the short time in between the sessions, this energy is not dispersed, but is free for the body to then use towards healing and recovery in a concentrated way.
  • Group activities
    The Grinberg Method also offers structured learning processes in a group format.
    Working within a group provides a stage in which you can meet your personal struggle individually, together with other people. It simulates many real life situations, and the group dynamic encourages you to establish your natural courage in being who you are next to other people. It provides a format of interaction and feedback that we often miss in our daily lives. Another aspect of learning in a group is that it grants a unique opportunity to learn from and be inspired by other people’s struggles and experiences.
    Group activities give you tools for furthering your personal practice – strengthening your will – allowing you to integrate your learning more efficiently in your life.
    Each time we come, we will be offering group activities focusing on different aspects of life, that can each support your path towards personal freedom. 

Looking very forward to meeting you!

Barbara Droubay & Anna Krimerman

For more information about the Grinberg Method please visit their website or Facebook page

Masa Integrative Clini (MIC):

8012 15th Avenue NW Seattle, Wa 98117


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